Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Are you ready to teach?

I'm typing this from my laptop as my desktop is exposed and going through resuscitation work, so hopefully this won't suffer from a lack of quality (and just suffer from my normal writing style, heh).

I just found out from my sensei that next quarter, in the dojo, our senior student ("G" for now) won't be attending. There are multiple reasons, and I'm assuming he'll be back in one or two quarters, but who knows?

Still, it unofficially means I'll be teaching a lot more, and it's not the amount that makes me pause, it's that what I say/demonstrate will have more weight with G gone. I'm realizing that I took the weaknesses in my teaching for granted knowing that anything I missed would be covered by my sensei or G.

So let me ask you, my readers - if you suddenly were thrust into a teaching position - or used to teaching but having to cover an area you weren't comfortable with, how would you fare? Would you trust your instincts? Would you over-prepare? Would you ask others for help?

Even though teaching is a big step into learning the material better, sometimes it takes an unexpected event to thrust you into a learning situation. It's up to the individual to learn from how people teach, not just what they teach.

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