Thursday, February 23, 2012

3 years!

I know, another milestone, sorry!

Three years ago I started this blog with a drive to write about all my ideas, all the questions I wanted to ask the taiko community, and whatever rants I might feel like posting. Looking back at all I've written, I'm satisfied so far...and a bit amused.

It's not easy to think of new topics twice a week, every week. I'm still very much interested in hearing from you, my readers as to what topics are on your minds and what you'd like to have me talk about!

Want drills on how to make your left hand more competent? Have trouble staying on tempo during solos? Nervous when you perform? Have desire to compose but don't know where to start? Feel your group doesn't respect you? Wonder why there are no underwater taiko groups? ...nevermind that last one.

This blog is for me to spout off what's on my mind, but I get a lot of satisfaction by helping people in the taiko community. It means a lot to me when people come up to me and thank me for a post that really helped them, and I hope I'm able to continue doing that!

I look forward to many more years of this! I hope you all come along for the ride...


  1. I think that you do a fantastic job of this blog, it's great that you find the time and the passion to do it. It is all interesting to read and thought provoking. May it long continue.

    Taiko is a continuing journey that I want to keep riding and hopefully never have to get off.

  2. I was thinking yesterday about the difference (and balance) between being an artist and being an entertainer -- and what one's ultimate goals are when going on stage, writing a piece (or just choosing one to perform), training and rehearsing, and even deciding to get into taiko in the first place.

  3. ...and there's also the cultural/folklore aspect of it, which probably falls more into the "art" aspect than "entertainment." Some groups and performers emphasize this more than others of course.