Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pay it forward

Keeping it short and sweet today!

What have you been taught by someone during your taiko experience that you wish you could pass on to others?

I know I don't usually get responses to my blog, but it would be great to have others share this sort of thing, whether it's on here or on Facebook!


  1. I can never tell whether your questions are rhetorical or whether you actually want a response. But since you asked, here's what came to mind:

    A friend of mine gave me my first pair of Miyake Bachi when I wanted to start learning. The same person also helped teach me a bunch of stuff without asking anything in return.

  2. Thanks for the response! I think most people in the taiko community reflect the examples you mentioned, but it's always nice to hear of them.

    As for comments, I always welcome them - either as responses to questions I've posed or thoughts that come about from reading a post. Thanks again!