Saturday, September 15, 2012


What are you afraid of?  Wait, let me narrow that down.  When you do your art, what are you afraid of?

Fear that you're not very good?  Fear that you might fail?  Fear that other people in the group are surpassing you?  Fear that you won't remember the song?  Fear that you will solo longer than you're supposed to?

So what do you do to fight those fears?  Do you just deal with the fear or do you punch fear in the gonads?

You can do three things when it comes to that fear:

  1. Confront it.  That means more practicing, more work, more effort.
  2. Accept it.  Not the best choice, but you might be able to think/push through the fear when it hits and "cope".
  3. Suffer.  This is what you don't want.  This is when the fear keeps you from growing, from enjoying, from expressing.  You begin to fear the fear.
 So I ask again, what do you do to fight those fears?

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