Thursday, December 27, 2012

Looking back at 2012...

Last Second-to-last post of 2012, hmm.

I'm looking back at my first post of the year where I tried to guess how things were going to go...

Well, it was definitely not a normal or calm year.  Our annual concert was well out-of-the-ordinary and a bit of a handful, but my job was just to play what I was told, lol.  2013 is SJT's 40th anniversary and it's going to be a pretty big to-do, so I'm not worried about not being engaged!

There did turn out to be some light touring; I really enjoy getting to play in different places - especially for audiences who've never seen taiko before.  Next year we have a week in Alaska, which is one state SJT's not been to before (and neither have I!)

Didn't manage to write any new pieces, but I've gone from having one idea to having five.  Mixed blessing!  The pieces right now are:
  • The same idea I've had involving a never-stopping, simple ji played with one hand while the other hand plays patterns.
  • A piece focusing on a very distinct striking style we practice at SJT; my first attempt at a movement-oriented kind of piece.
  • The idea of a Heavy Metal-inspired piece, but the only thing I know right know is that I want it to be in 6/8.
  • I have an idea to write a mobile piece based on rhythms in 5 and 7 for a small ensemble.  Heck, everyone expects me to write something like this anyways!
  • Finally got around to exploring some melodic work using multiple kane, small metal gongs.  I've had the idea for years but only recently started pitching them and figuring out what goes with what.
I don't feel I grew much last year; it was a year of coasting and waiting.  I realized recently that by waiting for someone to give me purpose, I'm basically prescribing disappointment.  Next year is when I start being more aggressive with my own progress.  It's been 20 years and I don't want to look back after the next 20 with regrets!

Thank you, dear readers, for following my journey with its questions and opinions and rants and what-have-you.  As always, I love hearing feedback and hearing when people enjoy a post I've written.  Even though this blog is still primarily for me to brain-dump, I sincerely enjoy knowing that people find it useful and inspiring.

See you in 2013!

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