Monday, January 28, 2013

One hit.

Imagine you have one single strike of the drum to show (insert important people here) your skill.  What do you do?

Do you approach the drum tentatively?  Quickly?  Calmly?  With confidence?  With bravado?

Do you fill the room with presence?   Dramatics?  Humor?

Do you enjoy the motion of raising before striking?  Draw it out?  Make it quick?

When you strike, is the sound full?  Loud?  Purposefully subdued?  Textured?  Crisp?  Rounded?

Do you end the strike with stillness?  Movement?  Purpose?


Now, imagine yourself as one of the important people watching.

If someone ran on stage, hit the drum while running, then continued off-stage, would you judge them as unprofessional or amusing?

If someone took deliberately slow steps onstage, took a few minutes both lift and to strike, then several minutes to stand up and leave, would you think them overly-dramatic?  Boring?  Focused?  Artistic?

Is someone more impressive with blazing ki and a really strong strike or a peaceful demeanor and ease of motion?


I'm not trying to really get to a particular point in this post.  I just wanted people to think about how they would represent themselves in a scenario like this.  I also wanted people to think about how they would view others.  What does it say about you?

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