Thursday, May 23, 2013

What else you got?

There's nothing wrong with having signature moves when you solo, but how much do you rely on them?

In SJT, we have an unofficial rule.  If there are several solos in a song, and someone does a move before you, you shouldn't do it later in that song.  So if someone does all my signature moves before my solo, I have to come up with a new batch of things to do.

Another issue is having to solo for much longer than you're used to, for whatever the reason.  What are you going to have once you've exhausted your bag of tricks?

There's no "right" way to solve this, but it's good to keep in mind.   If someone preceding you "took" all your "good stuff", how screwed would you be?  How can you change up your established movements to make them look different?

Even if you never need to do different movements, you should never get stuck doing the same solo moves just because they're comfortable.  You'll never realize your potential that way!

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