Monday, September 16, 2013


I love writing new pieces.  I don't put a lot out there, for different reasons like time, commitment, priorities, etc.  Still, on any given day I will have 3-4 different song ideas going through my head and several patterns that are unrelated.

To some, that might sound remarkable.  But there's a downside, at least for me.  Thinking so much about new patterns and new songs means I've heard things hundreds if not thousands of times before I even introduce them to someone else.  And by that time, they often lose their "punch" to me, because I'm over-familiar with them.

What I don't think is all that exciting anymore may totally entertain other people, but it's hard to remember that.  And this can extend to the songs you play, too.  What you're playing for the umpteenth time may not thrill you, but to the person hearing it for the first time, it might completely rock their world

Remember the first time you heard/saw taiko, then remember that nearly every time you perform, there are people who are being blown away.  Stay inspired and keep spreading the joy!

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