Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 comes to a close...

2014…so now what?

Last post of the year, wow.  Time flies etc. etc.

This past year was an interesting one taiko-wise for me.  Highlights included the collaborative concert with The Bangerz, the 40th Anniversary concert and being a part of the medley committee, and my last performance of the year, celebrating Glide Memorial Church’s 50th Anniversary on stage.

I got to flex my creative muscles working on the medley, but not composition-ally.  I’ve promised myself more time in the studio next year in order to make that happen.  At least there’s a transition in the works, but I want to compose a song again; I need to make that happen.  I’ve no excuse not to!

2014 also brings us the first World Taiko Gathering (WTG), happening in Los Angeles.  I’ll be teaching a workshop there on rhythm and syncopation, using both thinking (brain) and feeling (body) as tools for better comprehension and understanding.   It should be fun – let me know if you sign up once registration starts!

As usual, I hope this blog continues to be useful, thought-provoking, and entertaining.  I can’t promise all my posts will be equally engaging, but there’s still a lot more to say!

Keep practicing!

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