Thursday, January 16, 2014

Asalato Journey, part 3

So for this year's annual concert in March, I'm writing a transition using asalato.  I got 4 new pair from Kris Bergstrom when he visited Japan last and they're a great size for once!

I definitely hit a ceiling with what I could do; my right hand does the basic stuff really well but I hadn't used the left too much.  Even so, there's a whole host of flipping/spinning that feels like a huge jump in difficulty, but someday...

Anyways, my original idea was to have a few asalato + a shime, with me playing one of each.  While I think I could pull it off, I felt the shime was taking away from the focus of the transition, which is the asalato.  Since most people have never seen one, I want that to be what people enjoy.

I do want to add something other than asalato, but as a secondary tone.  And I want to showcase some of the cool things asalato can do, but without risking a lot of mistakes - in other words, doing simple things well!

This is both a compositional challenge and a push on my asalato skills.  I can clack and twirl fine when I'm practicing, but this will be a performance and I only get one shot!  I'm not worried about failing as much as I just want it to be a good clean run.

Maybe once it's done, I'll see if I can get permission to post a video of it on here!

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