Thursday, May 22, 2014

Which is worse?

What's the worse to you?

- Someone who plays with genuine, unbound spirit but strikes sloppily, notes not quite falling into place.

- Someone who plays really fluidly and with ease but doesn't exude a sense of joy or energy.

- Someone who plays with great technical precision but looks jerky and awkward when they move?

Yes, this is a bit of rock-paper-scissors.  Still, I bet you could pick one of the answers without too much trouble.

But it's not the answer that's as interesting to know as what your answer says about you.  Are you guilty of the other two options you didn't pick?  Are you guilty of the one you did pick?  Are they all equally bad in your eyes?  Are they all equally good?  (In other words, does a player with one really good attribute and one really bad attribute still seem like a good player to you?)

Nothing earth-shattering here; just a fun question to make you think a little.

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