Thursday, August 21, 2014

What I learned at the WTKO training camp, part 5

continued from part 4.

5. Training over the long-haul.

One of the things Amos-sensei said on the first day was about finding enjoyment in learning more.  When you "know it", what's left to look forward to?

Sure, you can relish the feeling of all your hard work to get to a good place.  Just ask yourself how long that pleasure will last, and if you want it to be a "pit stop" on your progression or turn into a  trench that's hard to get out of.

He ended that point talking about "new chapters", which seems like a good way to put one's progression.  How many new chapters will you go through in your growth, knowing that some can only start if YOU make them start?

From all of that he then talked about how you train has to change over the years.  He said "youthful stupidity fades over time."  It's a funny phrase, but it's got truth to it.  When we're young, we take our youthful abilities for granted and rely on that youth to handle our techniques.  But as we get older (and we all do), without the fundamentals of technique, youth fades and what are you left with?

Assume you'll be playing/practicing for a long time.  What steps are you taking now to ensure that not only can you continue in the future, but that you're setting yourself up to keep making progress?

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