Monday, July 13, 2015

San Jose Obon 2015

photo from San Jose Bike Party

So I'm probably brain-fried by the time this posts.  I'm writing it a few days early because we're about to go into Obon weekend, and there's no way I'm going to feel like writing something up in the middle of it all!

Friday night is the giant potluck, full of collegiate groups, SJT peeps, friends, family, and food!  So much fooooood.  Then we teach "Ei Ja Nai Ka" to everyone who doesn't know it so they can come up and dance with us during our sets.

Saturday will have Stanford Taiko then Jodaiko from UC Irvine.  We play a little bit after that and I think the weather is actually going to be favorable (fingers crossed)!  About 90 minutes later the dancing starts, and I wouldn't be surprised if we got near 1300 people actually dancing - not counting all the observers!

On Sunday the collegiate groups have an optional discussion in the morning with SJT about whatever topics they've asked to talk about, in their individual groups.  It usually proves interesting!  Later that day we have Raijin Taiko from UC Berkeley play, followed by Bakuhatsu Taiko Dan from UC Davis.  Again, we play a little bit after, and again there's dancing a bit after that.  Never as many dancers the second night, but I believe it was still around...800 last year?  Crazy.

It's pretty much a non-stop festival weekend, since I'll be staying about 50 yards away from all the festivities/food/games/everything.  I'll overdose on gyoza and teriyaki chicken as usual, take waaay too many pictures and have to figure out which ones to post on FB, and go through enough sunscreen to coat a small house.  Here goes!

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