Thursday, September 3, 2015

Why different grips?

I've talked about different grips in the past, which fingers you can use, how to hold the bachi, etc.  I've said that sometimes you'll need to use different grips when things aren't optimal, like bachi that are too heavy/light, having blisters, etc.

Last week I wound up with two bruised index fingers from a rigorous karate session.  One was so swollen that I had trouble closing my hand!  Luckily things are much better now.  But it meant that I effectively lost the ability to rely on the strength and dexterity of those fingers while playing.

If I wasn't used to playing taiko with a mid-grip (middle + ring) or rear-grip (ring + pinky), I would have been in a lot of pain and my striking would have been horrible.  And knowing how to use those grips isn't enough; if I hadn't practiced them previously - when I didn't need to - then I would have been floundering about when I needed them.

So nothing new today, just a practical example of something I've talked about before.  And keep your fingers safe!

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