Thursday, November 12, 2015

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I write a lot about how teaching makes an artist stronger.

My blogging is a form of teaching.  And while it started out for me as a way to rant and throw my thoughts up, I’ve often had to think out some of my ideas just as a teacher would.  How do I inspire someone to try harder, to expect more from themselves?  How do I describe a drill so that other people could understand it?  How do I encourage while also challenging held beliefs?

In some of my blog posts, I’ve asked people to think how they would teach something they know, or how they would approach someone if they were tasked to introduce a new concept or idea.
In that same vein, what would you do if you were asked to write a blog post?

Do you have a skill you’re known for in your group, like composing, energy/ki, or your practice methods?  Maybe you’ve been around for a while and can offer advice to people who are starting to feel bored.  Maybe you’re new and can write about what it’s like to find your way around.  The question isn’t so much WHAT you could write about as HOW you would write about it.
When you start considering your audience, tone, important points, examples, words to avoid, length, and other such aspects, you start thinking about the stuff you're familiar with in a very different way, if you're not used to teaching already.  Even if you already teach in a classroom or in-person environment, teaching through the written word is a much different experience.

The key to becoming a stronger artist isn't just finding new things and new skills, but in looking at what you already do and re-examining it in different ways.  You might just be surprised!

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