Thursday, January 14, 2016

Question Everything: Accuracy

Just going to jump into the questions...

What's the best spot on the drum to hit?  If you had an answer to that, why is that/are those the best spot(s)?  Did someone tell you or have you "figured it out" by practice and listening to yourself, by yourself?

Ask five taiko players what technique is best for striking the drum, and you'll get six different answers.  So, if one person told you where's best to hit, who's to say they're right?  Is one opinion good enough?

What about different types of drums?  Are the places to hit on a chudaiko different than an uchiwa or odaiko?  What about accounting for a newer head or a more worn one?  What about accounting for the size, density, and/or weight of your bachi?

Ok, so let's say in your head you have your answers to all these questions.  That's great!  But how are you at putting theory to practice?  Are you actually playing the way you answered?  Are you reaalllly?  If you really want to test your accuracy, record yourself playing an entire song, especially if you solo in it - but the drum heads have to be visible.  WATCH where you strike and LISTEN to how strikes might differ in tone.

Not that we need more things to think about when we're playing, but accuracy is one of those things that we can think about if we ever find ourselves looking for something to work on.  And if you feel like this is not a problem for you, try playing "left-handed", or having the other side lead, or playing with your eyes closed...

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