Thursday, May 26, 2016

Create the challenge

Two nights ago, we did 30 minutes of Roy drills (non-stop drilling of patterns - usually on naname), and I decided to do them left-handed (on the other side).  Today in the car I tried playing along to a complicated pattern with my left while playing a complex pattern with my right.

This isn't to brag, it's to illustrate a point.  Besides, my left arm was suffering and I wasn't successful with those dual-patterns, haha.  However, things like this are what I credit for having the hands I do, the sense of rhythm I have.

When do you challenge yourself?  When do you take a more difficult route when you don't have to - and when it's not for the purpose of showing off?

You may be able to go to your instructor and ask them to push you.  And if you go to a seminar or conference, you might find a challenge there, too.  But how often is that going to happen?  What about the other 98% of the time?  The only person who can really challenge you, is you.

It can't be all the time; but it can't be never, either.  Knowing when's a good time and when to just do what you're supposed to do is important, too.  Also, you can't do it in a group setting if it makes you distracting to the other people.  But it's more a mindset you have to cultivate than anything else!

So when will you next challenge yourself with something more than you need to do, more than you would normally do?  Your progress is in your hands...

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