Monday, August 8, 2016

Question Everything: Phrasing

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Yeah, this isn't the kind of phrasing you're thinking of.  ;)

Let's say you have a drill to impart to a group of students.  Are you more likely to think, "I'm going to teach them something," or "I'm going to help them learn something?"

When you perform in front of people, are you more inclined to think, "I'm going to impress them," or "I'm going to inspire them?"

If you have trouble grasping a new skill or song, do you think, "I suck at this," or "it'll probably just take some time?"

On meeting someone who has more skill or experience in taiko than you, have you ever thought, "I'm probably better than them," or instead, "I wonder what I can learn from them?"

We're none of us perfect, but how we approach things shapes how we react to them, how we learn from them, who we wind up being down the road.  Half of the battle is being aware that there are options!

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