Thursday, October 27, 2016

30 years from now, what's important?

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Imagine it's 2046.  Taiko has probably changed in the last 30 years...

Now in the past, I and other people have asked the question, "what will taiko be like in xx years?"

But let's change the question up.  Assuming some or many things change in taiko in the next three decades, what's important to you that stays the same?  Maybe nothing?  Maybe a lot of things?

Perhaps there's something very specific that matters to you, like the explicit way a thing is done now, or something more general that has room for interpretation.  I'm trying to be careful in how I describe things, because I don't want to give examples - I'm more interested in people coming to their own conclusions on this one!

So if you'd like, comment here or in the FB group when I cross-post the question.  I'm curious what people will say!

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