Thursday, June 29, 2017

Failure defines you best

Scary title?  Nah.  I just think of it this way.  Success doesn't define you, but failure does.

When you're doing well, you can shine, you can grow, you can achieve.  But when you fail, how you handle that failure shows the world (and you) who you truly are.

Maybe things come easily for you, maybe you're really talented.  That's great!  But when something challenges you and makes you struggle to learn or understand it, do you dig your heels in and try harder?  Do you try to find a way?  Or do you give up and/or make excuses?

Maybe you have access to a lot of great, quality equipment.  That's great!  But what happens when you don't?  What happens when you have to use drums that don't sound as good as what you're used to, don't fit the angles that feel best for you.  Do you take it as a challenge?  Do you enjoy the experience?  Or do you complain and make the performance less enjoyable?

Maybe you've been teaching for a while and have some really good things to teach.  That's great!  But what happens when a student doesn't get it right away?  What happens when a student asks questions that challenge what you've been teaching?  Do you engage, dialogue?  Do you maintain composure and put time aside after the class?  Or do you get frustrated and neglect the other students?  Or do you keep repeating your point of view without addressing the question?

Heck, maybe you even just flat-out fail in a solo somewhere.  Then what?  Most of us would jump back in and finish, but afterwards, after the show, are you angry?  Do you let that anger seep out into your words and actions with others?  Do you laugh it off?  Do you laugh it off to the point where you don't learn from it?  What do you do?

How you react to failure, to difficulties, really speaks to your character.  We're none of us perfect and there will always be times when we just get upset, when we lose our composure.  But there are defaults, there are patterns, and that speaks to your personality.

So who are you when you fail?

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