Thursday, March 29, 2012

Drill: Vocal coordination

It's really easy to get "stuck" into kiai-ing in the same spot in songs you're familiar with because we tend to do what comes naturally. Some songs have patterns that are hard enough to play correctly, let alone put in vocalizations!

Since there's already attention given to how to kiai and what to kiai, it's only natural to start thinking about when to kiai!

To stretch your "vocal dexterity", try this drill:
  1. Pick a simple pattern or ji to play over and over.
  2. Try kiai and/or kakegoe on top of the pattern.
  3. Try improvising/soloing vocally - find what fits into the pattern you're playing
  4. Improvise or experiment, find the spots that feel natural where it's difficult to vocalize.
  5. Repeat with more complex patterns.
While most of us will never have a full-on vocal solo in a performance, being aware of your tendencies and habits can open up a whole new realm to explore.

1 comment:

  1. This is something my group has never practiced and probably should! Sometimes I have trouble just continuing to play a simple ji while kiaing.