Monday, March 26, 2012

Make it better

In karate, I've noticed a trend in my training. One of the black belts notices a bad habit of mine, I spend months fixing it, then a little while later, the cycle repeats with a different habit.

I've sort of gotten used to it, but it made me think of this post.

Take one thing you want to work on. It can be anything, from something you get told to "fix" to something you want to improve on. Focus on it for a month. Repeat.

You'll probably still get comments from others and things will come up that you'll have to deal with in the meantime. But take that one thing and focus on it. Work on it. Study it, examine it, re-examine it. When the month is over, pick something else!

A month is nothing in the total scope of your training, but this is definitely a long-term plan. After several months of this sort of training, you can get some serious results on top of a newer, deeper understanding of how other things work (since nothing is truly isolated).

This sort of targeted training lets you not only decide what to tackle next, but can help get a list of "issues" get resolved one by one with definitive results!

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