Thursday, June 7, 2012

Making it better

Here's a scenario for you.

Imagine you're given a new pattern to play in your group.  Or a new sequence.  Or a new instrument.  It doesn't come to you easily at first.  You can do it slowly, so it's not beyond your skill level, but you feel clumsy or awkward executing it with any sort of speed.

This scenario is different than trying hard to reach a goal.  Here, you don't feel good as you struggle with something (in front of others).  A very natural reaction is to find an "out", or something to dampen that uncomfortable feeling - and the easiest way to do that is socially, in either making light of the situation (a joke) or finding common ground (shared experience).

It's human nature to use humor when we feel out of our element.  It's our natural defensive mechanism.  And when we're in a group of people who may be in the same situation we are, there's comfort in connection with others in the same boat.  Is there anything wrong with either response?  Not really, no.

Still, those are short-term responses, not actually solutions.  Don't give into the temptation of making yourself feel better when you can practice and make it better.  Those minutes spent talking aren't going to make you - or anyone else - improve, all they do is provide a sense of relief.  You know what else brings relief?  Getting better at something!

I'm not saying to be a robot, but I am hoping to help people aware of their own habits and recognize when those habits hinder their progress.  Sometimes it's the little changes you can make that lead to the biggest gains.  Gain on!

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