Thursday, February 7, 2013

What do you want to be?

I was thinking, if you could define what kind of player you wanted to be, what would that sound like?

There's an unlimited amount of things you could say...  Do you want to be known in the taiko community?  Remembered for your contributions?  Or maybe a prolific songwriter for your group - or other groups.  Maybe you would want to to be a really solid support player, always reliable to hold ji no matter what happens.

Since you can "be anything", have you ever thought about it?  That ultimate goal?  It might change over time - and probably should - but it can be really useful to have one.

For me currently, it's "being able to play anything someone asks me to play."  That means no matter how quiet, how fast, how complicated, I want to be able to play it.  In time I'll probably change to something else, be it skill-related or otherwise, but it gives me a focus of what I want to be focusing on.

So what's yours?

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