Monday, March 25, 2013

Question Everything: Effort vs Efficiency

When I finish a concert, should I be tired?  Or should I feel like I have more left to give?

I bounce between these two concepts a lot.  On the one hand, if I'm really tired after a show, then I know I pushed myself really hard and put myself out there.  ...or maybe I'm just using too much energy on unimportant things, things that make me inefficient.

On the other hand, if I finish a show and still feel like I have a lot of energy, then I feel like I've been really efficient with my output, using my resources wisely.  ...or maybe I'm holding back when I should be exerting more, and not pushing myself hard enough.

Sometimes I'm in a show where I just won't get tired, because I'm not playing a lot of parts or not playing parts that are physically challenging.  That's a different story.

I guess for me, I don't want it to be one way or the other.  Sometimes I want to leave a stage completely spent, and other times feeling like I was smartly efficient.  What about you?  Which way makes you feel more "successful"?

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