Thursday, March 28, 2013

Question Everything: My Blog

Weird title?  Not really.  I believe everything should be questioned, even if those questions are easily answered without a moment’s hesitation.  Why should my blog be exempt?

I started my blog to post my thoughts about various issues in a passive way.  There was no Facebook taiko group to post in back then, but even now with one I don’t want to clutter it with countless ideas and questions.  I am by no means an expert on the things I write about, no matter how much I’ve done some of those things.

My opinions are just that – opinions. What I say comes from my perspective, not from San Jose Taiko. There are posts on here I know that Staff would disagree with.  While some of what I say comes from what I've been taught, unless I say otherwise, it's all from my constantly-seeking mind.  Hell, there are posts on here that even I question years after writing them!

Sometimes I’ll post something controversial on purpose, to get people thinking.  Sometimes I’ll post something that everyone would agree with.  I never state what I write as Truth, and never should you take what I write as Truth, either.  Question what I write.  If you disagree, why?  If you agree, why?  Can you articulate it?

No matter how much you respect or admire someone’s teachings, you should always question them.  You can be a good sheep, following where you’re told to go, or you can be a good student, questioning what you have been taught.  Questioning doesn’t mean arguing, it simply means thinking for yourself.

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