Monday, August 17, 2015

Gratitude to the drum-makers

Most of the people who read my blog play taiko.  Not all, but most.

For those of us who play taiko, have you considered the work that's been put in to make the drums we play on?

Some of you might re-head or help maintain your taiko, but without those who make them in the first place, what would we have to re-head or maintain?  I know some of you right now are thinking "what about PVC and synthetic drums?"  It's true, technology and innovation have led to some excellent ways to make taiko accessible and affordable.  But still, without the taiko-makers, where would taiko be?

There's of course the "big two", Asano Taiko and Miyamoto Unosuke Shoten.  They've made taiko available since before any of us were born!  What's more, they continue to help support the world-wide taiko community in ways other than simply providing equipment.

But there's also the new taiko-makers from the last few decades, people who make taiko for groups that otherwise would never have them - and in many cases, are the reason a lot of groups exist, maybe even the group(s) you play in!

We talk about how important it is to respect our teachers and those who made it possible for us to play taiko, but those who make what we play on deserve just as much recognition.  Even if you can't personally thank the people who made our taiko, please take a minute and be grateful!

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