Thursday, October 8, 2015

New Song Diary: Two Works in Progress

A couple of nights ago, I had the entire practice session to teach my two song ideas.  It's a LOT of work to have two new song ideas to teach for about an hour each.  Most of that consisted mainly on keeping all the patterns straight and having a general plan of what to cover.  Happily, everything went well!

I mean, there was some smoke coming from people's heads, but that's kind of normal with my pieces...

The hybrid song idea (okedo + naname) went very smoothly.  Okedo patterns are a bit tricky given the syncopation (I apparently am not fond of downbeats, ha!), but people were playing them fine.  Naname players just repeat a lot of simple patterns, but now that I've seen how it looks and hear how it sounds, I can tweak their parts a bit.  For the presentation in November, I'll just have a few chunks to play, focusing on how the patterns interlock, and maybe some soloing.  That's a good start.  After that?  I want to think about the mood and purpose of the piece, but I have some ideas already.

The pod song I'm tentatively calling "LEFT to my own devices".  A little corny, but it also highlights that there's something going on with the left hand - namely, it never stops playing a straight beat.  This was a harder song to teach, simply because I had a lot more material and more of the rough sequence planned out.  It gets increasingly harder as the tempo increases (which is written into the piece), but no one died...except I haven't finished the ending yet and won't need to by November.

So things are good.  No guarantees that either will become full-fledged songs, no guarantees that either will be played at next year's Spring Concert, but things are moving nicely and there's a solid structure for both.  *phew!*

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