Thursday, October 29, 2015

What are you doing differently?

Odds are, you're getting hands-on instruction from a teacher, probably regularly.  Maybe you go online and find things like this blog to help you get better.

But what changed for you since last week?  What are you doing this week better than you were the week before?

Don't take it as a negative thing.  Take the opportunity to look at what you've improved in, whether it's doing something you were told to do differently, or something you figured out on your own.  It could be a big thing or subtle, but I'm betting it's there.

Maybe you really can't think of something that got better since last week.  Could be it's there but you can't think about it, could be last week was focused on things you couldn't improve on (for sake of this post).  Still, even thinking about it makes you aware that you can improve - that you could have improved.  Ideally, you take that to heart before next week, when you can ask yourself this same question.

Also, if you've been playing for a while it's sometimes hard to see differences from one week to the next.  Try month to month.  Year to year.  Bigger gaps mean more progress to see, even if there's also more to forget!

The idea here is while you might be taught how to get better, only you can feel the impact.  And while instructors might notice the changes before you do, the more you're able to see it for yourself, the more you can take charge of your own growth!

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