Monday, December 28, 2015

2015: Looking back

Another year, another hundred thousand beats?  Something like that.

Looking back this year, it was a pretty busy one, taiko-wise:

Collaboration concerts with the Bangerz, a month-long tour with a week of teaching workshops in the middle, another busy festival season, and then into writing two new song ideas, one of which I'll be developing into a full piece for the Spring concert.

There was also NATC, and since I didn't teach a workshop this time, I wound up just observing the workshops and helping out here and there as needed.  Driving a ton of drums and equipment to Vegas and back in a huge truck was kind of fun, too!

There were a lot of good posts this year (if I do say so myself, ha):

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I hope these and other posts of mine have entertained, challenged, and amused you throughout 2015! One more post to end out the year...

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