Thursday, March 24, 2016

Spring Tour 2016: Over!

Well, it's been two weeks without a post, and that's because tour was a beast.

Normally, we get half a day or so to wander into town, or a day off, etc.  Not this time!  We savored every hour we didn't have to be doing tech/rehearsing/playing/driving, but there weren't many.

It was uneventful, as tours go - the shows went well but there were no major incidents in our out of the theaters.  The one unusual bit was for two back-to-back school shows, one of the theater managers played pop music for the kids to sing along to, which ramped them up considerably.  Usually people are trying to keep kids under control!  Still, both group of kids were well-behaved once we actually started playing, which is good.

Crowds were mostly reserved except for the first show in NC, who was used to seeing Jazz music, plus we had some taiko folks in the audience.  I could tell we had taiko players out there, because they have no shame in applauding after solos, haha.

After the second show in NC, a couple of Western percussionists were really curious about the left-handed grip on the okedo; funny what different people are interested in.

Now that we're back, we get right back into our home concert prep with 3 weeks to go!  That takes us right into another short tour and a second Bangerz collaboration, as well as another busy festival season through August.

Regular posts start up next week!

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