Thursday, March 10, 2016

Spring Tour 2016

Back on the road!  It's a shorter tour this time, but one of the busiest.

We're performing concerts in Blue Bell, PA, Somerville, NJ, High Point, NC, and Wingate, NC.

For this tour, we're having to play back-to-back concerts in different cities/states, which means performing, packing, getting in late, leaving early, driving, and getting to a new theater for another show.  We'll be fine, but it's definitely not as comfortable as some tours have been.  We have no non-taiko days this trip; every day is in a theater and teching, playing, or both!

Still, it'll be fun.  We meet new people, expose taiko to new audiences, and perform the art we love.  I may or may not be able to blog much while we're out - maybe once or twice at the most - but I hope to have some good experiences to share when I get back.

...and then BAM, right back into our home concert prep!

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