Thursday, April 28, 2016

Question Everything: Allowing mistakes

Are you the type of person that lets other people make mistakes?

Say you've taught a drill or section and have someone play it.  They make some errors.  What's your inclination?  Do you try to correct everything you saw?  Tackle the bigger issues?  Let them figure it out on their own?  There's no "right" or "wrong" answer, but there are "better" and "worse" answers.  It really depends on context.

Does the person need to know everything they did wrong?  Is it too much information too soon?  Will they only get worse if certain things aren't addressed?  Which ones?  How do you prefer to receive information?  Is it the same way they prefer?  If not, can you modify it to make it better for them?

Another question is how much of a learning tool is making mistakes?  Some people will learn from them, struggle to get past them, even use them to help teach others later on.  If you take the opportunity away to let someone self-correct, are you depriving them of something?

If you can't wait to tell someone what they've done wrong, what does that say about you?  If you never feel like you have anything to comment, does that become a self-perpetuating mindset?

You probably shouldn't take glee in other people making mistakes, but if being given all the answers is akin to spoon-feeding and given non is like starving someone, how much is just enough?

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