Monday, April 18, 2016

Rhythm Spirit 2016!

I'm writing this post in advance, as the concert is tomorrow and I know I won't have any time or inclination to write between then and Monday's post.  So this post will be read after the concert, but I'm referring to it in future tense.

I'm also going to keep it short!

Tomorrow's two concerts are sold-out, which is always a treat.  The energy from a home audience filling a theater is unbeatable.  We have 6 new pieces debuting (including one of mine) which is something we've never done before.

After the concert weekend, festivals start right away - Sunday, the weekend after, the weekend after that...  It'll be a big shift going from concert mode to festival mode, but it's still fun!

Maybe I'll have some major epiphany on stage to write about later this week, or maybe I'll just pick something random like a YouTube video to comment on.  Stay tuned!

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