Monday, June 13, 2016

What do you really need?

Depending on the group you're in, you might have access to a lot of great gear, or are limited as to what's available.  But to make a good sound, to play a good song, what do you really need?  In other words, how much do you depend on other things to make your performance a good one?

Does the drum have to be a certain tone to make you sound good?  Or can you get a good sound of even a worn head?

Do your bachi have to be a certain length or weight to give you a good strike?  Or do you have the fundamental technique to compensate?

It goes beyond the equipment, too:

Do you need an ensemble to make your contribution exciting?  Or can you deliver a solid performance on your own?

Do you need a lot of flash and flair in your solo to get people's attention?  Or is your musicality and technique strong enough to draw people in?

Do you need multiple drums to sound interesting?  Or can one drum be enough to showcase your skill?

I'm sure you can think of other questions like these, and probably the answers, too.  It's not that it's bad to want certain things, to have certain preferences, but are they really preferences...or crutches?

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