Thursday, July 28, 2016

Drill: Dance of the Magic Dragon

So there's a song I've had for a while, called "Dance of the Magic Dragon".  It's a short little piece with multiple drums and percussion grooving together at a fast tempo.
Ever since I had it, I tried playing along to the underlying straight beat (the really fast ji, if you can call it that) with my hands on my leg or a desk, whatever.  My forearms would start to burn after a little while, getting to the point where I couldn't keep playing and would have to stop.

Just now I was able to go from 0:06 to 1:08, way further than in the past.  Of course doing that just before typing this blog post was brilliant, because typing is harder right now.  Ouch.

It's good to have something that challenges you that you just can't quite do.  I just need a few more seconds and I could make it to the first break, right near the end of the song.  But I'm not quite there even though I'm trying all the tricks and positioning I can think of to prolong my playing.

What's your challenge?  What can you attempt but not quite get to...yet?

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