Monday, July 25, 2016

New Song Diary: Too many ideas!

So last night as I'm brushing my teeth, some thoughts that were in the back of my head came to the forefront, and I wound up playing patterns on the towel bar in the bathroom, toothbrush still in my mouth.

I've had an idea to write something that showcases SJT's chops, because we're more known for our visual/kata, but have the ability to play some really good stuff.

It might be a solo piece, which isn't really our style, or a transition, or a small-ensemble piece, but the idea is simple and actually somewhat related to my last piece where the left hand played a downbeat throughout the entire song.

Still, I have another idea I've been toying with for a month or so that I wrote about a while back.  Two songs is a bit much, but who am I to say no to inspiration?  Stay tuned...

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