Thursday, January 12, 2017

Is being good at something...good?

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I wonder how much our own gifts hold us back sometimes.

Take the man with really fluid footwork.  Something he's known for and prides himself on.  When he solos, it's impossible not to notice how smooth and natural he moves.  But now there's a new song that doesn't use footwork, and focuses on playing fast patterns.  It's not his comfort zone and so he doesn't try as hard, knowing he won't have to solo in it much - or at all - because others will be better at it.

Take the woman who beams joy from her face and body when she plays, without having to think about it.  But now there's a song that's serious and intense.  She has trouble changing her expression because she never has had to before.  And when there's a solo in that song, she reverts to a happy, joyful energy and it never quite fits.

Take the kid who has amazing hands, naturally.  But now they're put in a song that requires more than they can deliver without struggling, without breaking down the fundamentals on their own time, outside of practice.  Their frustration grows, to the point where attitude is affected, they get argumentative or disruptive.

I'm sure most of us are either glad we're really good at something or wish we were.  But that talent, that gift, can also become a crutch, a weakness.

I know there are people who are gifted who will struggle with a new skill set, but take it in stride, will work on it in earnest.  But when we're good at one thing, and then struggle with something else, it can be easy to think, "well I don't have to worry about that difficult thing, because I can rely on the easy thing."  Don't do that!  It's like saying you don't have to go shopping because you have tons of bananas to eat.  Just bananas...  You need more than bananas!

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