Monday, May 15, 2017

Question Everything: What makes someone "good"?

We all want to be "good" at our art, right?  We'll watch someone perform and think, "wow, s/he's good," or "yeah, that group is pretty good."

Well, what does that mean?  And does defining it make it more or less valuable as a metric?

If a person is super-musical but not that great at movement, are they still "good"?  What about vice-versa?

What about if they blend in perfectly with the rest of the group, is that good?  Is it "better" when they stand out?  Or is that actually not a good thing?

If a person is an excellent teacher but not as skilled as their students or even able to do the things they're teaching, does that make them not as good, even if the information is really valuable?

If a person is a great performer but rude or mean to people around them, does that make them "less good" in your head?

Is it important to you that other people see you as "good", whatever that means?  Why or why not?

If you see someone who would otherwise be "good" in your eyes, for the first time and they're having a bad night, you may not realize that they are, in fact, "good".  How many times might this have happened for you - and how many times might have someone thought that about you?

How often have you been told someone was or wasn't good, and had that opinion affect what you hear/see with your own eyes later?

If you think a person is "good" when you're new to an art, but then 10 years later think otherwise, when were you "right"?

Again, what does it mean to be "good"?  And how much does that definition depend on who's asking, what mood that person is in, how much context and experience that person has?

So, are we good here?  ;)

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