Monday, May 1, 2017

When it's over

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No, I'm not leaving the blog, not leaving taiko, nothing bad happening, just thinking about what happens when people eventually do leave taiko.

When you stop playing taiko, what will you always wish you got to do/try?  Maybe you wished you wrote a song, maybe you wished you got to take a workshop with someone specific, maybe you wished you could play on stage in fundoshi...  But it's too late, once it's over.

Whatever those things are, is it really too late to do some of them now?  Sure, maybe you don't have the money to go to Japan for a month and train, that's different.  But can you sit down and write a song, maybe with someone's help?  Maybe it doesn't even need to be performed, if you've at least completed it.  Can you manage to go to a conference or workshop just once to take a lesson with that person you're really inspired by?  Can you set aside a little bit of time each week to work on a song or solo so that you're ready to play in the song you've always wanted to play?  Even if you're not playing it, is knowing you could play it something to take satisfaction in?

What are your goals and which of them are closer than you realize?  Why not tackle them, one at a time?  The alternative is regrets, and regrets are far less fun than achievements!

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