Thursday, April 12, 2012


Don't skim ahead! I'm posing a question below that I want you to read through and answer in your head, so do your best to read through. Ready?

Here's the scenario...

Imagine you're called in to help a new taiko group. They play some of their songs for you, and you notice they need a lot of work on their form, they're not very together as an ensemble, their striking is on the weaker side, and their energy doesn't come forth very easily.

Here are the conditions:
  • You only have time to address one of their issues.
  • You have to address one of the four issues listed.
  • You have the ability to talk to any of the four issues and teach it well.
So what's your first inclination?

Go ahead, think about it...


...ok, done? Read on.

What did you choose? Did you decide to:

1.) Focus on movement, in order to help them use their body in a smoother, more efficient way?

2.) Focus on ensemble work, to help them sound stronger and tighter when they play together?

3.) Focus on striking, so that each person sounds cleaner and stronger?

4.) Focus on energy/ki, to help them look more engaging when they play?

Of course, there's a fifth option...did any of you think of this one before picking one of the four options?

5.) Ask them what they want to work on.

There's really nothing wrong with picking any one of the first four options, it just shows where your strengths and priorities are. But that fifth one is something to consider, hmm?

Sometimes it's good to give someone what they need, but sometimes it's also good to give someone what they want.

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