Monday, April 16, 2012

New tags!

Do try to contain yourselves!

I've been thinking about adding some more tags to my blog, because lately everything is going under the tag of "perspective" and that doesn't really help people find a topic they might be interested in.

I'm not going to tag every post with something unique, but I thought about what my blogs are mostly about and what's important to me.

So here are the current tags that bear pointing out:

Controversial (anything I feel stirs up passionate discussions and/or feelings in people)
Fear (issues of fear and/or failure, in terms of affecting a person as an artist)
Growth (similar to "perspective", but touching on tools or how to improve as an artist)
Identity (asking the reader to look at what makes them the person they are)
Me (things that pertain to my experiences)
Performance (relating to a specific performance I was in)
Performing (talking about playing for an audience)
Random (can't find a category for it)
Special (anniversaries, special blog posts, etc.)

As usual, I'm open to making things better for my readers, so if you have a tag to suggest, feel free to do so!

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