Monday, April 9, 2012

Like vs. Respect

For me, it's not always easy to see taiko through two lenses.

On one side, I love seeing people enjoying taiko no matter how long they've been playing, no matter what their group plays for. On the other, I have my tastes and preferences and although I'm open to new things, I also know what I like and what I don't.

When it comes to taiko I don't personally like, I can still appreciate something about it. Of course there are times when I just don't like it and don't get it, but I do try!

Sometimes people can't separate "like" and "respect". They feel that if they don't like it, there's nothing to like about it. It says a lot about a person who can admit to not liking something but at the same time, find what's good about it. It also says a lot about the person who, when they don't like something, put it down right away. It's a bit myopic!

There's also something similar to someone who proclaims to like all taiko, because it makes me wonder about their artistic eye. But at least they're positive, so hey!

Next time you don't like something - no matter if it's taiko, music, art, or whatever - ask yourself what about it can still be appreciated. Does it need to be something YOU like in order to be worthwhile?

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