Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spring Tour 2014 - part 2: Halfway done!

Meant to blog earlier, but better too late than never.

In Dubuque, we had a workshop open to the student body that was well-attended.  The next day we nearly sold out the 900-seat theater, ended with a standing ovation, and overall it was a fun show!

Two school shows in the morning followed by a concert at night makes for a long day, and to top it off I came down with a cold the night before.  But it wasn't bad enough that I couldn't play, and I made sure I pushed through the show hard even if it meant I'd suffer afterwards.  Got lucky that I didn't feel that much worse the next day, and now it's almost completely gone.  *phew*

After Dubuque, two of our members drove up to Minneapolis to workshop with Mu Daiko, three flew back to San Jose, and the remaining four of us drove to Madison, WI to meet up/homestay with a former performing member.

Once we were six people again, we drove to Ohio for a workshop with Oberlin Taiko, a collegiate group.  We had two really good sessions followed by another home(dorm)stay, with them taking us to breakfast the next morning.  That was a really nice touch!

Two days of leisurely driving later and three fresh members flying in and we find ourselves in Bowling Green, KT.  Today's just a load-in and tech, then we have one school show and one concert tomorrow.

I hope to get at least one more post in before the conclusion, but we shall see!

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