Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spring Tour 2014 - part 3: almost done!

The Kentucky school show and concert went well!  I surprisingly didn't find myself tired after the concert, although during the show I definitely pushed myself.  It's too bad there are no more concerts for the rest of the tour though - no chance to improve on the little things I could have done better!

We drove to Huntsville, Alabama the next day and found ourselves staying at a hotel literally a stone's throw away from a Space Shuttle!  Turns out there's a Space Center run by NASA next to us, with rockets, planes, and yes - an actual Space Shuttle that you can see from outside our windows.  It was a lot of fun wandering around there on our day off.

We're now at the Von Braun center, where we had 2 school shows yesterday (~1000 kids each) and then we did a couple of workshops for Huntsville Drumline, a non-profit that teaches marching percussion to kids.  The kids were a lot of fun to work with, and the highlight for a lot of them (and for a lot of us) was watching each other perform!

We have one more gig tomorrow night for a private event, then fly back Friday.  It's been a good tour overall with just enough downtime, and the next tour will be in the Fall.  I'll be back to regular postings on Monday!

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