Thursday, April 24, 2014

Video, Picture, or Audio?

I've been in a lot of pictures taken at festivals and concerts.  I wasn't fond of a lot of those pictures.  Often it's my facial expression (did I really look like that?) or awkward pose (caught mid-movement) or something I'm doing is off from the rest of the group (dammit)...

That shouldn't be where I primarily evaluate myself, though.  Especially when there are other ways to measure "product".  What about video?  When I watch myself on a video, I don't feel like I do when looking at my pictures.  I can see my technique, spot the things I'm doing correctly, and find things that look ok - if not that actually look good.

What about audio?  Like video, it's not limited to a single point in time, and I can hear my technique.  My quiet notes are pretty quiet, my accents aren't overhitting - or if they are, I can make a note and work on it.  I feel like my patterns are locked in well for the most part and funky enough when I syncopate.

So when you feel like one medium doesn't capture what you feel when you perform, try another one.  But as always, look and listen for what you can get better at and use it as a tool as well!

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