Thursday, July 31, 2014


After the WTG, I've been hearing about taiko competitions down in South America.  I know they take place in Japan, but not sure where else?  Since these competitions are for the most part absent in North America, I started thinking about the pros and cons of competitions.

I found that it's hard for me to do that fairly, since I have no experience with taiko competitions.  I can speculate with the best of them, but I feel more neutral about this subject than many other subjects I post about.

So I wanted to get data from the taiko community as a whole - from those who compete, as well as those who don't compete.

Maybe some people that compete don't like to compete?  Maybe some people would be motivated by winning?  Maybe there are people who compete in other, non-taiko events that don't want that sort of competition in taiko?  Maybe people that are newer to taiko feel one way, while more seasoned players feel another?

I'm just really curious.

So I made two different surveys for people to fill out!

If you play taiko and compete/have competed in taiko competitions, please go HERE.

If you play taiko and have not competed in taiko competitions, please go HERE.

I'm limited to the first 100 responses for either, so the sooner you can answer, the more likely your votes will be counted.

All data is confidential and after I get enough responses I'll compile and analyze the data!  Hope it proves interesting!

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