Thursday, July 24, 2014

World Taiko Gathering 2014

Hello!  I'm back and what a weekend...

If you haven't seen all the posts and pictures on Facebook or in the Taiko Community on Facebook, I highly suggest you do so!  A lot of really great energy still buzzing around about the whole thing.

I find I become an extrovert at these sort of events, which is not my normal "setting".  So many people I haven't seen in over a year and want to connect with again, and then getting to know new people - both to the taiko community and sometimes, to taiko!

As I suspected, I sacrificed one of the events to just hang out and talk to people/peruse the marketplace.  But after going to so many conferences and gatherings, I find that it often proves more satisfying for me to do that, so no complaints!

Some great performances to watch, both at the smaller Nooner Jams, the Friday night public Lunar Jam and of course the Taiko Nation concert.  Very different to have a focus on international artists and the level of performance that affords.  I'm really curious how that will affect future conference concerts.  Do we feature groups in our own backyard or ignore geographical boundaries?

There were a lot of things to come out of the weekend that I will talk about in upcoming posts.  I even have a topic or two I'd like to post on the Taiko Community, hopefully diplomatically, ha.  Seriously though, I like when people talk intelligently and passionately about these subjects because they're important to the health, strength, and future of not just our community, but taiko as well.

Conferences always re-ignite the fire under my taiko-feet, and WTG was no exception.  I have new ideas and some goals (skill improvement, composition, workshop creation) that I can totally achieve.

I'm looking forward to NATC in June 2015 and I hope to see most of you there!  Who knows, this time I might go up during the "21-30 years" reception jam...maybe.  ;)

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