Saturday, April 18, 2015

Fall Tour 2015: End


Actually, we got home a few nights ago.  Took several days to adjust back to the time (and weather) here in California.

We drove to MA for a school show at a day-and-boarding school, with all the kids in uniforms; very snazzy.  From there a short drive off to NH and the night off plus most of the next day.  We loaded into the theater there at 1:00, which is about 4 hours later than we'd normally do for a show that same night at 7:30!  Hustle time!  Despite that, the show went well!

The next day (Sat) was a long one, with an 8-hour drive to WV.  It was an easy drive, but driving is probably the most tiring aspect of tour, more than performing, or packing up after a show.  It helped that the following day was free, with the only thing planned being a review of the last show after dinner.  The town of Sheperdstown was really nice, and people recognized us from the posters around town.  It seemed they were stoked to see our show!  It was a great place to end our tour in.

After loading into the theater on Monday we had a workshop on stage after lunch.  After that, back to prepping for the concert that night.  The crowd was very appreciative and knowing we didn't have to pack that night made for a good evening.

Because we had a school show on our last day, we got out of the theater a little earlier without packing up.  However, that last day was crazy busy.  We packed up some in the morning, played our school show for a full house of about 400 kids, packed up the rest, had one team go pick up lunch while the other went to pack up our gear at the shipping company.  From there it was a mad dash to the airport before the window for check-in was over.  We made it with 10 minutes to spare!

I'll recap the tour in my next post, then back to regular rants stuff!

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