Saturday, April 4, 2015

Fall Tour 2015: Part 5

Canada!  Where the cold air comes from...

We definitely have kept busy during our workshop tour in Canada.  We drove about 7 hours to Ottawa to visit Oto-wa taiko for a series of workshops.  We joined them for their practice and did a little bit of exchange that same night of arrival, then had the next morning free (which was a nice rest).  That night was a three-hour workshop, followed by a two- hour workshop the next morning and a three-hour workshop that afternoon.  We were housed well and fed extremely well, getting to know Oto-wa taiko better and make the initial connection between them and SJT.

We left for Toronto after that last workshop, driving five hours to get in late and crash.  More homestays this time, and the next day (today) we had two three-hour workshops with Raging Asian Women (RAW).  The first was more for their apprentices and the second for members.  SJT and RAW have really clicked ever since a few of their members came to our studio for a Taiko Weekend Intensive, and many of us have kept in touch and kept the connection vibrant with workshops and correspondence over the years.  I'm a big fan of the group and what they do, so today was very impactful for me.

Tomorrow we leave in the morning for a 7 hour drive back across the border to Burlington, VT, where we'll stay with members of Burlington taiko and have a short workshop the following day.  My first experience with Burlington was on my first tour, some 18 years ago, so it'll be fun to see how the group is doing and reconnect!

But for now, sleep calls...

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